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Soccer Scholarship Specialists

Soccer Icon USA will assist young footballers, boys and girls, in their search to develop their career through a Soccer Scholarship in America.

We are unique as we personally assist you throughout the duration of your scholarship. We may be able to assist you by providing opportunities once you return from your scholarship.

A Soccer Scholarship at an American University is a fantastic option for any young player looking to develop their football career while at the same time studying for a degree, which will be invaluable later in life.

A College / Soccer Scholarship is also an excellent way to see the USA in more detail.

Just imagine spending the next 4 years of your life playing soccer  and studying in sunny California,Texas or Florida throughout the duration of your scholarship.

Or maybe you would prefer to be in one of the USA's great cities such as New York,Los Angeles or Chicago.

Wherever you are located the one thing that is guaranteed is that during your soccer scholarship in the USA you will improve yourself as a footballer and have the opportunity to get a great education.

Playing Pro? Yes its possible after you finish your studies. DOM DWYER got drafted to SPORTING KANSAS CITY of the MLS in January 2012.

We advised Dom on the level of college to start based on his academic ability and he did the rest by working hard on the field and in the class. He is an example to every one of our future student athletes.

USA College Soccer

  • 4 years full-time as a college student/athlete
  • Study in the greatest cities in the world NYC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta,LA
  • Travel to different states during the soccer season
  • Gain an invaluable Academic Degree
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • You should finish College / University Debt free!
  • Play in the MLS? yes its possible after you finish college if your good enough

Why choose us?

  • We will find a college scholarship or placement for you
  • We register you on the SAT Test and provide past papers for study
  • Individual edited player highlights
  • Players are promoted to our extensive network of US College Coaches
  • Personal support throughout your college experience
Joe McLaughlin

A bit about Soccer Icon...

Soccericon helps to place players on soccer scholarships to colleges in the USA. The company is solely owned and run by former Chelsea captain Joe McLaughlin. Joe played professionally for over 20 years at top level football clubs in England and Scotland for teams such as Chelsea, Watford, Charlton, Hibernian and Falkirk. Having played over 750 games in his long and illustrious career, including 10 caps for Scotland, Joe uses his vast network of contacts within the US Collegiate system to find the right college for your athletic and academic abilities. You are in safe hands and he will assist you through the complicated paperwork involved in getting a VISA that allows you into the USA.
Call us now on 07957 465 296 to find out more.

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