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Soccer Icon Success Stories - Matthew Shearman

Matthew Shearman usaplayer icon

College: Lynn University Florida

Player's Comments: Joe and Soccer Icon are the reason for my past 2 years being the best 2 years of my life. Within these 2 years I have managed to complete my Masters in Business whilst being lucky enough to play football as well as develop as a player against some of the international football players who have not yet gone professional.

Alongside gaining a creditable Masters degree from an American institution and training daily for the past 2 years I was lucky enough to do this in South Florida due to Joe's hard work and persistence to find each individual the right college.

Joe is never too busy, he makes you feel as if you are an individual and not a number.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Nick Weightman

Nick Weightman usaplayer icon

College: University of Cincinnati (UC)

Achievements: NAIA All-American

Player's Comments: It's the best thing I have ever done. Its more professional than anything I have ever seen in Scotland and even some of my friends who play at big teams cant believe the facilities we have.

We train in top class facilities with unlimited adidas gear and free access to sports nutritionists,psychologists, weight trainers and quality coaching. The best part is that when I am done I will have a quality degree and a great chance of still making it.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Dan Fadida

Dan Fadida usaplayer icon

College: Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Achievements: NAIA All-American 3rd Team, 3-Times All-Regional 1st Team, 3-Time All-Conference Team.

Player's Comments: I would highly recommend Soccer Icon and Joe to anyone who has ambitions of playing football at a high standard in a professional environment, whilst earning a degree and enjoying the college lifestyle.  

America is the only place you can enjoy the best of both lifestyles and I can say with full confidence that Soccer Icon is a great way to get you where you want and well worth it.  Joe will be very honest with you and get you the best deal possible.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Carl Reynolds

Carl Reynolds usaplayer icon

College: William Carey University

Achievements: 3rd Team All-American - NAIA, NCSAA

Player's Comments: Very pleased with the achievement and ready to work hard again next year to improve parts of my game before eventually hoping to turn pro after my senior year.

All the coaches and players have worked tirelessly in helping me and the team to achieve our goals. Soccer Icon was a massive help in advising me on the many offers I had before coming to the states and without a doubt they helped me make the right choice.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Graeme Eaglesham

Graeme Eaglesham usaplayer icon

College: Bellevue University - Nebraska

Achievements: ALL- MCAC First Team, MCAC - Newcomer of the Year, Final Eight of NAIA Nationals (Fresno California)

Player's Comments: Soccer Icon have helped me immensely before and during my time here.

Joe Mclaughlin especially has been extremely helpful and has helped me to achieve awards such as MCAC - Newcomer of the Year!

I would recommend Soccer Icon to anyone looking to play College Soccer in the USA.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Lesley Condie

Leslie Condie

Lesley Condie usaplayer icon

College: Northeastern University - Boston (Captain)

Achievements: CAA 2008 Champions, Scottish Under 19's International.

Player's Comments: I am glad I got in touch with Joe McLaughlin from Soccer Icon, it really did change my life.

He got me the opportunity of a life time to study in Boston and follow my dream of playing football everyday. Joe helped find me a school that matched my academic and athletic qualities and is something I couldn't have done without his expertise and knowledge within the American college system.

When I was first applying to schools my biggest worry was how I was going to fill in all the complicated paper work and deal with the visa application but my mind was quickly put to rest when Joe was there to help and assist with any problems I had.

Soccer Icon Success Stories - Mark Burton

Viterbo University Logo

Mark Burton usaplayer icon

College: Viterbo University

Achievements: Defensive MVP for Viterbo, Players' Player for Viterbo, named in the Mid-Colligate all conference team.

Player's Comments: I would like to say a big thank you to Joe and the team at Soccer Icon for all the help they gave me to achieve my dream of going to America and playing soccer at a very high level.

I had high expectations going over, but even so I was still surprised at just how enjoyable life is here - nothing can compare to it!

Another big thank you to Soccer Icon for making this happen for me.

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