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What we do - USA SOCCER Scholarships

Soccer Icon USA  will assist young footballers, boys and girls, in their search to develop their academic/athletic career with a Soccer Scholarship in America.

We believe that the USA Scholarship process is the ideal opportunity for any talented players to pursue both an academic and sporting career.

It is a process that has been tried and tested in the USA for many years and produces the majority of the professional players in the USA National Team.

Soccer Icon USA carries a limited amount of places on its ‘Scholarship Programme’ every year to ensure that every player receives the time and attention that is required to gain a scholarship to an American University.

To be considered for a place on Soccer Icon's Scholarship Programme you first of all will need to complete the free online application.

This will be reviewed by me personally to ensure our trial process is of the highest standard possible.

If we think that you may be a suitable candidate then you will be invited to one of our Assessment Days in the UK.

D OM DWYER was recently drafted to Sporting Kansas City in the MLS. Dom will be lining up against David Beckham this coming season.

He is the first player to come through the programme that has made it to the MLS.

He played in a trial game in London nearly 4 years ago and Joe McLaughlin helped him to look at  colleges that would suit his academic and athletic ability. 

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